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BLM Traders Article Directory Script

Creates a Traffic Magnet with your own Article Directory + 1000's of Links pointing to your site + backlinks from downloads.

This is how the Big boys get Top Positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines.

Want your own personal Article Publishing site, full Admin section and complete control over it?
Well, you COULD hire a freelance coder & designer to create a complete php/mysql script for you, spend $1400-$1500 for it and wait a month, or you could buy the BLM Traders Standard Script for a fraction of the cost, and get it today!.

What is BLM Traders Article Directory Script?
BLM Traders Article Directory Script Standard is a top class Article Publishing script that allows you to accept articles from both visiting authors that create an account on your site, and free article submission services such as,and (you must register with these submission services to recieve Articles, it's FREE)

Why should I get BLM Traders Article Directory Script?
Making a living on the Internet is all about traffic, and what's the best way to get traffic? Search engines such as Google, MSN (Bing) & Yahoo. BLM Traders Article Directory Script's article content is what keeps them indexing your site! Imagine having 50,000 articles on your site. That's 50,000 links pointing to your site from the big three search engines, and 150,000 more chances for someone to find your site first. Plus when someone downloads one of your Directory Articles and uses it for content on their site that becomes a one way backlink.(one of our sites has over 1,250,000 downloads)

Making Money With BLM Traders Article Directory Script
Good article publishing scripts such as BLM Traders Article Directory Script are excellent traffic generators, and you can use that traffic to make sales! You can use any of the "Adsense-Like" pay-per-click services, this one is Adsense Ready, add your own products and services, add affiliate banners and funnel the traffic from BLM Traders Article Directory Script to your other sites to make a sale! Start a members only type article publishing site, create niche article sites, or sell your own articles... These are just a few idea. You are only limited to by your imagination and desire!

Is BLM Traders Article Directory Script Expensive?
No! BLM Traders Article Directory Script has at least 3 times the options the expensive scripts have. What you are paying for when you choose an expensive article directory script is how the frontend looks, which is a tradeoff. Nice front end means less admin options, which translates to more work for you. This one is full of Admin Options. View Admin image Larry L Miller Article Directory is based on the highly secure ArticleFrienldy code and will be updated for life.
We DO NOT Install The Script For You!
Here's What You Get!
  • Totally edited "turnkey" site installed with your information
  • Secure php script w/lifetime updates
  • Preloaded w/400+ current articles
  • Start w/150+ expert authors
  • Incl/DB installation w/your personal user and password
  • Incl/auto-submission script for Article United; iSnare and Article Marketer can be added
(Check with your hosting company to see if this download will work for you)

BLMT Article Directory Script
Installation Requirements and Recommendations
Requirements List:
(1) Linux Server (2) 1 Mysql Database. (3) Mod_Rewrite enabled hosting. Most good hosts already have this enabled, but ask to be sure. (4) Ioncube Enabled Hosting for the admin backend files. 99% of hosts have this enabled by default, but ask your host to be sure. Most hosts will gladly enable this for you as it cuts down on the server's resource usage and speeds up pages. Please note that we do not configure server settings, your server's php.ini nor install ioncube or any other server program, and GoDaddy hosting is NOT recommended! This is your host's job and they can do it easily and quickly. (5) Php 4 to 6+

The Articles shown below are actual articles published on a BLM Traders Article Directory

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Contact: Larry L. Miller

SEO Consultant;
Promotions Coordinator

Phone: 321-594-4405
Skype: larrylmiller121

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