BLM Traders is an Internet product and web site promotion service company. Our primary objective is helping small and medium range Internet businesses make money by promoting their main web sites, and various other Internet assets with an effective array of time tested tools and services. By providing straight forward, reasonably priced automated services, we believe we can help our clients and customers gain recognition for their web site and achieve higher positions on Google and other major search engines. We also offer several "do it yourself" products, some for a fee, some for free, for those who prefer a more "hands on" approach to their promotions.

Additionally, when it comes to custom analysis, research and optimization services. We offer fast, friendly, effective and reasonably priced solutions. Making sure that your web site is compliant with all the accepted standards of the W3C is one of our highest priorities when you are accepted as a client with BLM Traders Web Site Optimization and Promotion Services.

We know, very well, how difficult it can be to gain high search engine positions. It's not near as easy as those TV ads and some Internet promoters make it sound. So if your approach to web site promotion isn't getting the result you'd like, then I urge you to simply pick up the phone and call for a FREE Consultation with one of the most recognized Internet Marketing Consultants on the Intenet specializing in Top Positions On Google. I think you'll be glad you did.

The following summaries provide a brief description of some of the services we offer, and some of the tools we use in the implementation of our promotions. You may follow the links provided for additional information about them.

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BLM Traders Web Site Optimization and Promotion Services-- This is the core of BLM Traders EBiz Solutions. First, the custom services provided by our team for overall site analysis, including keywords, research, and other optimization techniques combined to produce a solid Internet compliant search engine friendly web site. Then creating a promotional campaign deployed with various components of our automated tools and services which becomes one of the most effective and affordable web site promotion strategies available today.
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Traffic Wizard Website Promotions -- "Do It Yourself" Web site submissions to over 700,000 sites like Search Engines, FFA sites, and various Directories. Build and maintain link popularity with continuous submissions. (FREE 10 Day Trial)
Learn more about this powerful Automated Submissions Engine HERE

BLM Traders Custom Article Submissions Services-- Writing an article is hard enough, but the difficulty of quality distribution of that article is usually the "bottleneck" in the article marketing process that is hardest to overcome. Now, with this latest addition to our stable of submissions products and services, your article distribution worries just became non-existent, and our service can be tailored to fit any need.
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BLM Traders Mass Ad Promotion System--Instantly get up to 28,500 unique backlinks to your web site...literally overnight. These powerful link directories can provide an amazing boost in link popularity for your site.
Learn more about, and sign up for, BLM Traders Mass Ad Link System HERE

BLM Traders Multiple-Directory Submitter-- This Semi-Automated Directory Submitter allows use through either single use credits or monthly subscription, either way it offers access to an amazingly high number of link, article, and social media directories, up to 900 to be exact, and the fees for use are very low compared to the rest of the industry!
Visit BLM Traders' Multiple-Directory Submitter HERE for more information.

FreeClassyfied Ads Blaster-- Simply drop your classified ad into this classyfied ad blaster every five days to keep your fresh links on over 5000 Free Classyfieds Sites. Quick and easy way to keep those backlinks coming.
BLM Traders' Free Classyfied AdBlaster keeps your links on top START HERE

BLM Traders Simple Site Creation and Maintenance-- Many times we find that our customers and clients have a need for creation and maintenance of one or two page web site, and they lack the skills or the time to do it themselves and really can't afford to take on the services of a high dollar webmaster to do it for them. The sites we provide for those who choose to use our service don't have a lot of "bells and whistles". Our creations are guaranteed to be totally functional and serve the purpose for which they were created.
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"FREE" Viral Traffic Generator-- Yes, it is FREE!! Within just a few minutes you can become a free affiliate with the Viral Traffic Generator, and by promoting your affiliate page, generate traffic to your site!
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Website Development
Site Promotions

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Systems Support
Promotions R & D

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